TippyTalk is an AAC (Augmentative and alternative communication) tool that allows the non-speaking community to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.


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Our communication application operates on both IOS and Android products and is cross-compatible, meaning IOS can communicate with Android and vice versa. TippyTalk connects the non-speaking person to their community regardless of distance, and by doing so creates a platform for:

With an ever-changing world and the explosion of social communication platforms such as Texting, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, along with Tablets and Smart-Phones, current AAC technology has not addressed the social and independent, communication needs for the non-Speaking community. 

Social Communication Independence should not be a luxury only availed by the speaking community. 

Rob Laffan CEO and Founder


How Does TippyTalk Work?

Young child using AAC to communicate in the classroom

This allows the person who is non-verbal to communicate and express a desire, want, need or feeling.

TippyTalk allows a person with a verbal disability to communicate by translating pictures into text messages, which are then sent to a family member or caregivers phone.

Why is TippyTalk Unique

TippyTalk is unique in that it provides the user with instant access to their community at all times, while also allowing the community the same privilege.   

Instant two way messaging

Use personalized images to send customized text messages. Respond to each message using text, pictures or voice recording.


TippyTalk is a web-based application and stores all data within the cloud. This means you will NEVER lose your history, vocabulary, and images that have been created


You will be able to send messages to iOS and Android devices, even though TippyTalk will be installed on an iPad.

Fully customizable

Our language skills change as we grow. As a result, all images, text, and language created within the app are fully customizable.


Rob Laffan founded TippyTalk in 2015. Rob is a loving father of a little girl named Sadie, who was diagnosed with Autism when she 3, years old, Sadie is also non-speaking.  Rob used his background in automation & robotics to create TippyTalk AAC. Seeing the impact TippyTalk had in his personal life Rob decided to share his solution with the Non-Speaking community. Before embarking on software design, Rob Interviewed dozens of professionals, educators, and Parents, from this research he decided to create the TippyTalk application. This application would be cloud-based to ensure the cost of replacing his product was kept to a minimum. Also, most of the products that are on offer were only available on IOS which lead to TippyTalk being the first AAC application that allowed for cross-compatible functions between IOS and Android. 


“Where it all started”

The TippyTalk AAC application is the first assistive communication tool that allows for Social communication Independence.

The company launched its SaaS beta product in August 2015. In September 2015, TippyTalk had over 10,000 users worldwide.